Who is the artist which created all of the art?

His name is Matt Jordan and you see more of his work HERE.


Are the patches/stickers/etc “Made in the USA”?

Yes.  Seeds of Epiphany makes every effort to ensure that all of the merchandise available for sale was manufactured in the USA.


Does Seeds of Epiphany have any plans on taking over the world?

Yes, I mean NO!  I mean…  who told you that?!?!


I have a great idea for a new patch/sticker/etc. Who do I talk to about it?

You can send all suggestions to


I see that all of the patches have some sort of special code on them.  What does it mean?

That is for me to know and you to find out.  For more information try checking HERE.


Can I get a custom/special patch/sticker/etc made for my club/organization/conference?

Yes.  For more information, contact with details of your request.


Does Seeds of Epiphany charge tax?

Unfortunately we do charge tax if you live in the state of Tennessee.


Does Seeds of Epiphany ship internationally?

No.  At this point we only ship with in the United States.  This may change in the future.