Site Purpose Status
ExploitSearch Make it easier to find and cross reference vulnerabilities and exploits. Mature
Pentest Lessons Make fun of the mistakes made by ourselves (and others) during vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. Mature
InfoSec/Hacker Achievements Provide a collection of iron-on patches, stickers, and more for the infosec community. Mature is a Proof of Concept site which provides a user a way to quickly demonstrate how easy it is to quickly set up a fake phishing site Early Development
InfoSec Tool Guild Make it easier to

  1. 1) find the right tool for the job
  2. 2) request and vote for new features for your favorite tools
  3. 3) request new tools that currently don’t exist
  4. 4) for developers wishing to seek fame and fortune: claim a requested tool as your project
OSINT (Open Source Intelligence Gathering) Provide an easy way for security professionals to gather OSINT data quickly and easily online. Early Development
EatDrinkRun! Secret Early Development