Please enter your code >>HERE<<
All of the Series 1 patches have an embedded Secret Code.
While it may be possible to win without all of the codes, we recommend that you collect all of the codes.  
NOTE:  The stickers do NOT contain the codes.

Contained on each patch are two sets of dots/pips.  Each set of dots/pips are arranged in a rough square.
By deciphering the code contained  within the two set of dots/pips from all 9 patches,
you should be able to determine the final solution.
Once you think you have the solution please give it a try at the link above.
You can try as many times as you would like,
but you will be restricted to only one submission per 10 minutes.
Good Luck!

The first person to solve the complete code will receive the “Grand Prize”.
The next 2 people to solve the code will receive a “Second Place Prize”.
The following 3 people will receive a “Third Place Prize”.
Anyone who solves after this point will receive a “Participation Prize”


(1) Grand Prize = “Mini Android Computer (Android 4.0.x, 1 GB memory, 1 GHz cpu, …”

A10 1GHZ Cortex-A8 CPU
1GB Memory
4GB Storage
Wireless 802.11 b/g/n (Ralink 8188 Chipset)
Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Micro SD memory expansion slot
2x USB OTG Host Mode (1 USB A, 1 USB Mini)
HDMI Output at 1080p
5v 2a Power Supply (Can be powered via USB Mini port)
10.5 oz, 3.4″x0.9″x0.4″

(2) Second Place Prizes = “Throwing Star LAN Taps

(3) Third Place Prizes = “Signed CDs” (from DualCore)

(∞)Participation Prize = “TDB”